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Family at a Beach
Tips for parents

Probably every parent has heard older relatives or friends to say that nowadays children are raised way easier than before. I myself disagree. The world today is a bit more complicated, which results in new and unknown parental 'traps'. the experience of previous generations doesn't always apply.

Here are some important topics, as well as specific advice on how to act.

Dressing Up Dad

Some important rules about how parents assume the position of authority. Is this a natural process? Do we have to be friends with our children? Does authority mean that we have to impose rules by force?

Old Alarm Clock
The eternal rush

The world we live in is way more dynamic - more than ever. Tasks pile up, time is always the same - 24 hours - no more, no less. How do we handle this?

How valuable are money?

Is money just a "currency" in the modern world? Or do we all put a far deeper meaning into their use? What is the attitude of children towards money, and how not to stagger to extremes in a world where everything around us screams "Buy!"

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