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Girl Painting in Art Class
Work with children and adolescents

In my practice as a psychologist working with children, I have had the opportunity and privilege to become familiar with many cases. I am convinced that, regardless of the differences between them, they are all alike in one way; namely - every single child, regardless of age, gender, social status or level of cognitive development, has a need to be heard.

All children speak in their own unique way, but with the same addressee - the world of adults. Children's messages are not always understood unambiguously, often they cannot be interpreted even by the child itself. But without any doubt they carry important information about his mental world, even when it is so small that he seems to "understand nothing".

I perceive my work with children as a kind of translation - from one "side" to another, from one language to another - in the closest possible way to children - through game methods, drawing, psychodrama, modeling.


The format of the meetings is determined together with the parent - sometimes the child is worked with individually, other times with one and/or two parents, and often both forms are combined. All this is with the aim of finding the most accurate option for the child itself, so that he feels maximally protected, but also encouraged to explore his difficulties.

  • A sudden change in the child's behavior;

  • You notice character traits in your child that cause problems at home and/or at school;

  • A period of crisis due to a major change in the life of the family;

  • Problems in interpersonal relationships;

  • Difficulty communicating with your child.

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