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Working with families

Counseling families is a natural process that follows logically the psychological work with children. There isn't  any difficulty in any child being limited in his psyche and character only. The threads that lead to the unraveling of each case refer back to the parents and to the family. Logic is sought throughout the system, never (or very rarely) outside of it. At the same time, not so much to look for reasons for a given behavior and/or difficulty, but to look for solutions.


Working together with parents is a prerequisite for the successful development of each case. The opportunities for intervention are greatly increased when all family members are involved in the process together, not just the child. ​


Which option is suitable for your case - family counseling or individual work? This becomes clear gradually, and depends on the specific case and the needs of the child and parents.

  • Frequent conflicts with the partner.

  • Crisis in the relationship - infidelity, separation.

  • Life crisis - separation/divorce from a partner, death of a family member.

  • Problems in the family concerning children.

  • Difficulties in the extended family.

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