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Every "I"
is the beginning of a story

Elena Mecheva



At the beginning of the new 2024, let's make a realistic wish - not less adversity, because this is not up to us anyway, but more courage and strength to overcome whatever comes our way.

The latter is in our hands.

Family Walking On the Beach

Today's family



A journey in
11 bit studios

A new collaboration

Urban Architecture


Psychology and architecture

What should I know before meeting with a psychologist?

Important rules

One of the prerequisites for the successful start of the work with a psychologist is the so-called "contract". How are the meetings held, how long do they last, can we be flexible?

Психологическо консултиране
White Chair in an Empty Room
Individual work

The meeting between the psychologist and the client is a special meeting. It is an interaction, a process, and above all, a collaboration...

Kids Blowing Bubbles
Working with children and adolescents

...every single child, regardless of age, gender, social status or level of cognitive development, has a need to be heard...

Family at a Beach
Working with families

The threads that lead to the unraveling of each case lead back to the parents and to the family...

Shopping Online
Online counseling

Online counseling could be a suitable option if consultation in the office is not possible.

Chalkboard with Different Languages
School psychology

School is a special place. Especially when you work there. And the best teachers actually turn out to be...children.

School Readiness Test

The school readiness test is a tool that assesses whether a child has mastered basic knowledge and skills before first grade.

Every "I" is the beginning of a story

From the moment I decided that I would study psychology, I knew what my ultimate goal was - to have my own office and be a psychotherapist. Over the years I have taken all the necessary small steps in this direction; and although it has not been easy, my development has followed a sustainable and long-term pattern.

Here's a little more information about me, my career path, and the space I work in.



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