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"Are you late on purpose?"


Children don't have an idea of time, but they know the anxiety of being late!

  • We're in a hurry, the child's in a hurry. It's just little children do not know the concept of time. They don't know when did those 30 minutes pass. For children "being late" in very abstract, they don't know what that means. But they can without a doubt recognize the emotion, that accompanies our rush - anger, pressure, frustration, anxiety. They are not capable of catching up this crazy rush, so they're not delaying on purpose.

  • Saying this - we mustn't force them to follow us in this mad rhythm, because they're most probably not going to make it; we're only going to transfer to them our concern and irritation.

Good organization.


Plan up ahead!

  • As early as possible, do the things you can do to avoid last minute surprises. Even if you think there's time, there's almost always something unexpected that comes up and we can't avoid – at least we'll have ticked off the routine tasks.



Decide what's really important!

  • It is clear that 24 hours in a day are not enough for everything that needs to be done. When I say "need", let's stop for a moment and think - which are the things that are truly important? If you have too many tasks, ignore the ones that you can. For each one of us, different activities have different importance, but there certainly are things that, even if ignored, it wouldn't be a problem. Here is the group mainly of household chores. Do you know the saying about happy children and dirty floors?

Who can help?


Delegate rights!

  • Another aspect is to allow a person to spend some time with the child, in order for you to have some time for yourself. It's complicated sometimes, but even if it's hard for you to accept the way grandparents are raising your child - children need them. And parents need time for themselves as partners...without children.

When was the last time you took care of yourself?


Find time to rest!

  • As dynamic as our everyday life is, you can always find a gap to rest. And if you exclaim here: 'That's not true!', I advice you to take a step back and read all the previous advice. Tasks will never stop to appear, if we can't arrange/ignore/postpone them, and allow ourselves a break. Everything comes with a price - how much are you willing to pay for the lack of a rest?

When was the last time you took care of yourself? - 2


Set an example!

  • Don't forget - you are the ones who set an example to your children. Including of HOW (and if at all) you take care of yourselves amongst the chaos we sometimes live in. It is really a fact - 'Happy parents, happy kids!' Good luck fighting for it!

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