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Psychology and game design

There are situations in which opportunities appear as if by accident, but in fact they are right where they should be. It is with great excitement that I share about a project in which I have the opportunity to participate; a project still in the working phase, but one that sets a new direction in my professional portfolio.


I am currently involved as a consulting psychologist in the development of a video game, in partnership with 11 bit studios. This project is still a secret, of course. And although a professional task as such is something completely new for me, I felt like I belonged in an environment like this one right after the first meeting with members of the team. As I started to joke, years and years of various gaming activities will finally pay off.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to expand my boundaries as a specialist, and for the accompanying pleasure of working with such an extraordinary team!


And when the time comes, I will share more details.

A journey in 11 bit Studios

In October 2022 I was invited to Warsaw, Poland, to spend an entire week in the office of 11 bit Studios. This was my first time meeting live with the people behind Project 8.

After my visit I knew for a fact that the greatest asset of any company are the people that work there. Of course, my job has always been about other people, and it was always important to establish a connection with them, in order to be able to achieve a certain goal - whether it would be personal growth, resolving a conflict or figuring out how to cope with a difficult situation.


My experience as a consultant for the video game makes no exception. And in between different theories in psychology and learning new thing in the world of game design, my primary focus still is the interaction with people - what they know, experience, say (or don't say). Reading between the lines appears to be my main tool here, as well.

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