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School readiness test

The School Readiness Test is a tool that assesses whether a child has mastered basic knowledge and skills before the start of their first year at school. There are different versions of tests, but I use the one of Prof. Plamen Kalchev, created in 2013, for which I have undergone training. ​


The test consists of 5 scales - language skills, mathematical skills, fine motor skills, visual discrimination and a scale for studying attention and concentration. TUG is suitable for children aged 6-7 years. It is conducted within 40-60 minutes, individually, by a certified psychologist.


The obtained result (in the form of points and a graphic image) gives information not only whether the child passed successfully, but also in which areas the results are the best; respectively the weakest. This could be of help to the elementary teacher, who from the very beginning will have clarity in which directions he should work further or develop.


If, in any case, the child fails to meet the minimum score to be considered ready for school following the standardized procedure, the test is retaken. This is to avoid the influence of other factors on the result - for example, distraction, worry, fatigue, etc.


As the final stage of the testing process, the results are discussed with the parent in a separate meeting. At this stage you can ask your questions and get feedback on the overall behavior of the child during the testing period.

Conducting the test


80 lv.


       Price includes:

  • Conducting the test - 40-60 minutes;

  • Re-run if the required points are not covered from the first attempt;

  • Calculation of a result and its presentation in the form of points and a graph;

  • Presentation of the results to a parent and discussion in a separate meeting or by phone - 10-15 minutes (optional).

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